Get Video Testimonials

to attract new clients

Add Authentic Social Proof to your website - effortlessly.

Video testimonials are awesome, but your clients need a little help creating them. Let us provide that help!

  • Easy online scheduling - just send your client this link: www.´╗┐ Your client just needs to choose a time and select your name as their coach.
  • Just a 10 minute client commitment, from their home, with their laptop over Skype.
  • Your client will be coached to look great and provide an authentic, compelling testimonial.
  • I'll record and edit their video and you'll approve before it's public.
  • I'll post the video to Vimeo and give you instructions to embed into your website.
  • Your client will receive a free testimonial from one of their clients as a "thank you" for their time.

Sample Testimonials