How to Add a Facebook Administrator to your Business Page

Managing a Facebook page can be a tedious task and you’re probably thinking of getting someone to help you with it. What you need is a Facebook administrator.

In this video, I’m gonna be sharing to you how you can add someone – a freelancer, business partner or a friend – to become an administrator to your Facebook Business page. It’s easy!

How to add a Facebook Administrator to Your Facebook Page

  1. Head over to Facebook and choose the down arrow you see on the upper right corner of the page. Choose the page you want your future admin to manage.
  2. On your business page, choose Settings on the upper right corner of the page.
  3. After that, go to Page Roles (left side of the page)
  4. Once you’re there, go to the section with the header Assign a New Page Role, type in the name or email of the person you want to assign as your admin, and then assign them their role (admin, editor, etc.).

Once you’ve assigned an admin to your page, they can start posting, commenting, responding to messages and managing your Facebook Business page for you. Isn’t that convenient? Let me know your thoughts below.

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One Comment on “How to Add a Facebook Administrator to your Business Page”

Beth Long says:

thank you so much for showing me how I can manage a business by being their facebook editor. I could not remember how to get my name/facebook connected to their admin page. You are a lifesaver!!! Ive been managing one Pizzas shops facebook page for a few years now I want to reach out to more businesses. Any selling tips for me on how to get my foot in the door??? 🙂

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