Are you a coach, author and speaker
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Every day 30 million people watch videos on YouTube. And videos are the best way to create an emotional connection with potential clients online. I will connect you with the audience that is searching for your expertise.


Each month, over 1 Billion people watch YouTube videos.

Your clients are watching YouTube videos.

Your potential clients are watching YouTube.

People who need to hear your message are watching YouTube.

Are you there for them?

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Coach Focused Online VideoOnline Video is a powerful tool that can help you build your niche authority, build your audience or build your brand. And it’s easier than you think!

Creating online videos for YouTube or eCourses could be expensive if you work with a professional videographer, or difficult to figure out one your own. I specialize in working with coaches who want to DIY, DSIY (Do Some of It Yourself) or want us to DIWY (Do it With You.) I’ll teach you to use your smartphone to capture great video, help you setup an inexpensive home studio and I’ll even handle the technical side of video (editing & optimizing) for you. Together we’ll create a strategy to create the right content to reach your business goals – not just create a pretty video.

Who do I help?


How do I help you?

  1. Teaching you to make DIY videos, either through one-on-one lessons or online classes.
  2. Helping you to make your own videos. I can provide strategy, advice, editing, YouTube optimization or other help for crafting your own videos.
  3. Making videos. If you’re in Portland Oregon, I can record videos, edit them and post them to YouTube or your eCourse platform. I can also provide production services at your location.
  4. Handling the technical side of online video, while you record at home. I’ll strategize, edit, upload and optimize your YouTube videos for you.

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