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Gripsed online poker trainging

Evan Jarvis from Gripsed has a YouTube channel where he teaches people how to play poker. He’s been playing poker for over ten years, and started Gripsed to share his knowledge and experience by training aspiring poker players.

Evan’s YouTube Channel:

At, you’ll find tutorials, reviews of poker tournaments and live cash games.

Where Evan draws his inspiration:

Evan draws a lot of inspiration from other YouTubers including:

Eric Thomas – a Motivational Speaker, Educator, Preacher, Youth Activist and Entrepreneur.

Eliot Hulse – for fitness and health

RSD Tyler – for personal power and relationships

Infinite Waters - for inner peace and spiritual growth

In terms of poker, Evan is inspired by the results his students are seeing.

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How to set a YouTube homepage

Set Custom Homepage for YouTube

When you create a YouTube account, YouTube creates a “home page” where it shows your activity: videos have you liked or commented on, channels have you subscribed to, mixed with  videos you have uploaded.  If you are a video creator, then you need to set a custom homepage to highlight your videos.

YouTube 101 for Video Creators:

If you are a new YouTuber, or you are switching from viewer to creator (or probably viewer/creator – because no one stops being a viewer) there are a few things you should do to get your channel ready for subscribers.  This post will cover step one.

  1. Set a custom homepage
  2. Create a channel trailer video to tell your viewers what to expect
  3. Fill in the About tab to tell your viewers (and search engines) what your channel is about.
  4. Add some channel art

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Setting up a home studio for YouTube

Home Studio for YouTube

You don’t need a home studio to start posting videos to YouTube – but having a dedicated space for filming is great. In the video below, I share a tour of my home studio (AKA, the guest bedroom.)

Benefits of a home studio:
  1. You already own the space (assuming you have a spare room to convert)
  2. You’ll record more often if everything is ready to go
  3. You don’t waste time setting up and packing up your equipment
  4. It’s easy to re-shoot if you realize you miss something when editing

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Closed Caption your YouTube videos to improve SEO

How to Closed Caption

Google and other search engines can’t see inside your videos – so you need to tell them in order for them to share your content with viewers.  Most people do this with three tools: well written titles, detailed descriptions and proper tags.  But there’s one more tool that YouTube offers to help increase your video views: Closed Captioning.

Closed Captioning your videos is easy, but can be time consuming.  In this tutorial, I show you how to upload closed caption files and I show you how you can easily type your text directly into YouTube.

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YouTube Channel Evaluation

YouTube Channel Review

I recently started offering YouTube Channel Technical Evaluations on Fiverr. It’s given me a chance to dig into many channels and help the creators with their YouTube presence. This channel (FurLifeLiving) gave me permission to review their channel in a video format so that I could share with you.

Starting on the Home Page:

I start my review by looking at the home page and seeing what is viewed by default.  Many creators don’t turn on the custom view, and YouTube defaults to showing your activity, not your videos.  I also look at the channel art and make sure the creator has turned on a custom URL.  Custom thumbnails are another feature that many people don’t take advantage of.


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