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How to Personalize LinkedIn Invitations

Personalize LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great tool for growing your network – but it can be really frustrating to see an invitation in your inbox, and not remember how you met person.  Or if you ever met that person.  In this quick tutorial, I’ll show you the very simple step you can take to make sure you aren’t the person leaving “anonymous invitations.”  And also a simple trick you can use to find that information in the future – helping you recall how you met someone when you sent them a personalized invitation.

LinkedIn provides a small down arrow next to the “send inmail” button. Clicking this allows you to customize your invite.

In the iPhone App, click the small box with an up arrow to customize your message.

Check out the video below to see the exact steps.

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Using video to attract the right clients

Attract Ideal Clients

Marsha Shandur AKA Yes Yes Marsha helps coaches, freelancers, creatives and entrepreneurs get noticed by teaching them how to network.  Online video is an important marketing tool for Marsha because potential clients get to know her before they meet – so now she’s attracting “her people.”

How did Marsha get started:

Marsha realized the the advice that she was giving away for free was valuable, so she turned it into a business.  She added video to her business because she wouldn’t hire a coach who she hadn’t seen a video of to see how comfortable she was with them.  With online video, Marsha can project her personality and attract clients that are the best match for her.

What inspires Marsha:

She’s inspired by Marie Forleo (Marsha is a B-Schooler) and also other B-schoolers who teach about how to use video in your business such as, Share Ross, Sarah Michelle Brown and Holly Gillen.

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Start a Vlog to connect with your audience


Tess from Miss Mavie Star is a Lifestyle Vlogger on YouTube.  Vlogging (Video Blogging) is a great way to connect with your audience.

How did Tess get started:

Tess was procrastinating during exam week and decided to start a beauty channel on YouTube.  Her channel has evolved over the years.

What inspires Tess:

Tess is inspired by making really great content – she gets great ideas out walking, and meditates each morning.

Learning from a mistake:

Tess’ previous channel was hacked by a crazy stalker.  Lesson learned: don’t give out your personal information on the internet.  Tess posted the stalker story in one of her vlog posts.

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Marketing with YouTube from Videospot

Owen Hemsath on Subscriber Nation

Owen Hemsath is the president of Videospot Marketing.  They run a video blog on YouTube where they help to train, teach and motivate brands and business owner to be more effective with their video marketing strategy.

How did Owen get started:

After graduating from college, Owen worked in web design and media marketing.  But it wasn’t a good fit for him, so in 2008 he returned to school to get a degree in filmmaking.  He then started a business producing short videos for local business – sometimes up to 20 videos per day!

What inspires Owne:

Owen enjoys listening to podcasts.  And he also goes to the grocery store at night to get ideas (looking at how each brand is trying to stand out on the shelf.)

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Online Tarot Readings by Video

Online Tarot Readings

Shauna has an MFA in photography, tarot card reader and 5th level Reiki master.  She provides weekly tarot readings using online video.

How does her business work:

Customers can have a one-month, six-month or 12 month subscription to her readings.  They then receive 7-12 minute long videos weekly to provide guidance for the coming week.

Learning from a mistake:

Shauna is not a technical person, so she hired people to help her with that side of her business.  Her takeaway: Hire slowly and find the right people.

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