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Interview 15: Billie Goldman from Intel

Billie Goldman produces Social Film for Intel.  She’s produced three series over three years, which have been collectively viewed 200 million times.  They have received eight awards including an Emmy.  Unlike most online video, social film is interactive with the audience submitting content that is featured in the following episode. Watch the interview. What is […]

Interview 14: Cristóbal Ross from Gringolandia

Cristóbal Ross is the writer-director-producer of Gringolandia, a web series about a Chilean man living in New York.  It’s a comedy shot in a mockumentary style and has over 2 million views, mostly in Chile.  Season two will premiere in October 2014. How did Cristóbal get started: Cristóbal is an engineer by training, but he really […]

Interview 13: Travel Vloggers Kyle and Lisa

Brighton is still traveling in Italy, searching out content creators. This week, he caught up with Kyle and Lisa in the Italian Riviera.  They are just starting a trip around the world and posting videos to YouTube as they go. How did Kyle and Lisa get started: They’ve always wanted to travel, and thought “why […]

Interview 11: Vancouvria

Today’s interview is a bit special, because I’m interviewing myself, about my previous webseries Vancouvria.  Vancouvria is a parody of the IFC hit Portlandia, except it’s based in Portland’s northern suburb, Vancouver Washington. How did Brighton get started: Brighton was having a beer with friends and came up with the idea of a parody of […]

Interview 10: Ohaple

Ohaple has a YouTube Channel that’s a mix of gaming, YouTube tips and interviews. How did Ohaple get started: Ohaple started his YouTube channel about a year ago, playing some online games with friends. What inspires Ohaple: Other YouTubers are a great source of inspiration, but Ohaple also draws from his personal life. Learning from […]

Interview 9: Jim Demmon from CVTV

Jim Demmon is with Clark Vancouver Television in Vancouver, Washington.  CVTV is the local government access station, and has two YouTube channels.  CVTV provides programming for local residents and visitors. How did Jim get started: Jim has a degree in Telecommunications and Film from the University of Oregon.  He worked for Portland Public Schools, KOIN […]

Interview 8: Ron Morgan from Dove Lewis

Ron Morgan is the CEO of Dove Lewis Animal Hospital in Portland Oregon.  Dove Lewis is producing an online subscription video service for small animal hospitals around the world, and creating significant revenue for this non-profit animal hospital.  The subscription service is called On the Floor at Dove. How did On the Floor get started: […]

Interview 7: Randall – Voice of the Honey Badger

Randall is the voice of they Honey Badger videos.  His channel has over 100,000,000 views. How did Randall get started: Randall struck it big when his video “The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger” unexpectantly went viral.  He’s built his channel on that success. What inspires Randall: Life.  Nature.  And other creative YouTubers making funny tasteful videos. […]

Interview 6: Wayne from Wine Up TV

Wayne Oppenheimer is the host of Wine Up TV.  Wayne has used his online interview show to grow his wine business in many new ways. How did Wayne get started: Wayne got laid off five years ago, and that’s when he found his passion in life.  He started a Wine Tour business, then a wine show […]

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