Closed Caption your YouTube videos to improve SEO

How to Closed Caption

Google and other search engines can’t see inside your videos – so you need to tell them in order for them to share your content with viewers.  Most people do this with three tools: well written titles, detailed descriptions and proper tags.  But there’s one more tool that YouTube offers to help increase your video views: Closed Captioning.

Closed Captioning your videos is easy, but can be time consuming.  In this tutorial, I show you how to upload closed caption files and I show you how you can easily type your text directly into YouTube.

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YouTube Channel Evaluation

YouTube Channel Review

I recently started offering YouTube Channel Technical Evaluations on Fiverr. It’s given me a chance to dig into many channels and help the creators with their YouTube presence. This channel (FurLifeLiving) gave me permission to review their channel in a video format so that I could share with you.

Starting on the Home Page:

I start my review by looking at the home page and seeing what is viewed by default.  Many creators don’t turn on the custom view, and YouTube defaults to showing your activity, not your videos.  I also look at the channel art and make sure the creator has turned on a custom URL.  Custom thumbnails are another feature that many people don’t take advantage of.


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YouTube Marketing fuels Noah Hammond’s Business

YouTube Marketing with Noah Hammond

Noah Hammond Terrel has been using YouTube since 2008 to fuel the traffic for his business – getting over 4 million views.  Noah uses YouTube to show up when people need him most.  He helps with personal and business growth.  YouTube is the second most popular search engine and the most popular for answering “how to” questions.  Noah makes sure that he provides free answers to common questions like “How to make more money,” “How to lose weight,” or “How to become a vegetarian.”  He then uses his videos to direct people to his websites to view more free content, purchase programs or sign up for one-on-one consultations

Starting as a dating coach:

In 2008, Noah started as a dating and confidence coach, teaching men about inner confidence and social dynamics.  He graduated from that niche into more holistic personal development.

The biggest mistake in Video Marketing is perfectionism:

Noah did improv comedy in college, and brought that energy into his videos.  When he first started, his inner-critic prevented him from releasing some of his videos – videos that could have provided value – because of “ums” “ahs” and other small imperfections.  But people don’t need or want you to be perfect.  If you need to hear if from someone else, check out this quick tip from Heather Bucta that I recorded at VidCon 2014.

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3 YouTube Analytics you should be watching

Easy YouTube Analytics

YouTube Analytics provide great insights into your channel – but they can also be overwhelming.  If you’re new to Analytics, then start with top three metrics to watch – I make it easy.

Views, Traffic Sources and Retention are the three easy metrics that I view on a regular basis.  There are a lot of other great metrics like demographics, estimated earnings plus a number of engagement reports – but if you are just starting out, I explain my top three in the video below:

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How to Personalize LinkedIn Invitations

Personalize LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great tool for growing your network – but it can be really frustrating to see an invitation in your inbox, and not remember how you met person.  Or if you ever met that person.  In this quick tutorial, I’ll show you the very simple step you can take to make sure you aren’t the person leaving “anonymous invitations.”  And also a simple trick you can use to find that information in the future – helping you recall how you met someone when you sent them a personalized invitation.

LinkedIn provides a small down arrow next to the “send inmail” button. Clicking this allows you to customize your invite.

In the iPhone App, click the small box with an up arrow to customize your message.

Check out the video below to see the exact steps.

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