Look great on camera by lifting your webcam

Proper camera angle

Do you use a webcam for making online videos, video calls, or Skype? Most of the time, we find ourselves staring down at our laptop cameras, and that’s not a good angle for video.  The camera sees things like the bottom of your nose and your chin (or double-chin, which is accentuated when you look down.)

Today I’ll be sharing with you a tool I found on Amazon that helps raise your laptop camera to your eye level. Keep Reading

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Confidence and Connection through Video – Interview with Yasmin Nguyen

Confidence on Camera

Yasmin Nguyen, founder and CEO of Vibrance Global, joins us in Subscriber Nation today to talk about how to exude confidence, be better at emotionally connecting with your audience and establish credibility through video.

Online video is great at making connections

If you have a business, especially a coaching business, video is one of the ways that you can emotionally connect with a potential client. It’s almost like you’re talking face-to-face, because you can see the other person’s body language and the way they talk, and so you can determine whether or not you resonate with that person.

Video also allows you to deliver information to your audience, and when you do so with confidence, you are positioning yourself as an expert in your field and that’s how you gain your viewers’ trust.

Being comfortable in front of the camera

When you invite guests to your online show, don’t think of it as an “interview” or Q&A. Think of it as an opportunity to give. Come from a place of learning and wanting to give back what you have learned to your community. This way, you’ll be more open and confident and the interview would become more conversational.

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How to “look your viewer in the eye” when recording video

Look into your viewer's eyes

Connection is very important when you’re in business – online or offline. So how can you better connect with your audience through video?

When using Skype or recording videos using a webcam or an iPhone, it’s really natural for most people to look at the screen and not towards the camera. This makes us look like we’re looking at the other person’s chest or to the side, or whichever direction the camera is, which may seem kinda rude.

Below you’ll find a couple of quick tips to avoid this in your calls and recordings.

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Increase your watch time with Open Loops


Do you want to keep your viewers watching until the end of your video? Gideon Shalwick shared a very simple technique that will keep people engaged and paying attention.

That technique is called the Open Loop.

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The YouTube Magic Formula


Do you want to know the formula top YouTubers use to structure their videos?

Sometimes you can get away with winging it, but if you want to be on top of your YouTube game, it’s good to learn from those who are already there.

Today, I’m going to share THE formula, plus a special tip from Gideon Shalwick.

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