What advertisers should pay YouTubers


Do you want to know how much your YouTube channel is worth? Want to sell advertising on your YouTube channel directly to a brand? I just discovered a kickass tool built by some of the top YouTubers to help us know the true value of our online videos and it’s called Social Bluebook.

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Marketing for Life Coaches – 3 reasons online video is perfect!


Are you a life coach looking to attract more clients? Do you do your coaching over the phone or the Internet? Why not try creating online videos?

Today, I’ll be sharing with you three reasons why you should create online videos for your coaching business.

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How to Create YouTube Buttons


Do you want to add buttons to your YouTube videos? You know, the type that top YouTubers have at the end of their videos where you can watch other videos or subscribe to their channel? Or that savvy marketers have to join their email list or buy their product? They’re really not that hard to set up. Today, I’ll show you how to create those buttons.

I’ll be using ScreenFlow for this tutorial.

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Join September Content Creation Webinar


Join Brighton West and Chris Sprague on Wednesday September 23rd for a one hour webinar about video content creation.

We will show you:

  • How to survey your audience to find the best topic areas.
  • How to define your Purpose, Target Audience and Value.
  • How to keep your viewers watching til the end.
  • How to make your content memorable.

Sign up today


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Sync Your Audio and Video With This Simple Trick

Video Editing Tip

Are you recording your video with a separate sound recorder and you can’t seem to perfectly get them to be in sync every time?
Let me help you solve that problem with this simple trick that I use when recording my videos. Today I’ll show you how to sync with a clap.

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