Use This Simple Trick to Focus Your DSLR


If you’re like me – you’re a one-man or woman show when making online videos.  And there’s nothing worse than going to edit your video and realizing that it was recorded slightly out of focus.

Today, I’ll show you my set up for getting the perfect focus every time.

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How to use Keynote to make YouTube videos


Do you wanna make videos for YouTube but you don’t want to show your face on camera? Let me introduce you to Keynote!

I’m gonna show you some steps on how to make Keynote useful in creating your online videos. For this tutorial, I’m gonna be using a Keynote 5.

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Online video for coaches with Chris Sprague


Are you a coach who wants to get into online video, but you’re not quite sure you’re capable of doing it?

Today’s guest is Chris Sprague, and he’s able to help you in a do-some-of-it-for-you and do-some-of-it-yourself model.

His company is VideoContent.Agency and what they do is they work with coaches who want to create great, branded, online video content used for content marketing and create a great video content library.

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Managing YouTube Comments to Grow Your Channel


There are many ways you can grow your channel, and one of them is by managing the comments section of our YouTube account.

Comments actually work more for you than you think. Today, I’m going to teach you some steps on how to manage YouTube comments to increase interaction with your viewers and draw more people to your channel.

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Look great on camera by lifting your webcam

Proper camera angle

Do you use a webcam for making online videos, video calls, or Skype? Most of the time, we find ourselves staring down at our laptop cameras, and that’s not a good angle for video.  The camera sees things like the bottom of your nose and your chin (or double-chin, which is accentuated when you look down.)

Today I’ll be sharing with you a tool I found on Amazon that helps raise your laptop camera to your eye level. Keep Reading

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